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Bill Maher is Right! Obesity is Disgusting!

It is not often that I agree with Bill Maher – however his recent tirade on “Fat Shaming” was dead on – Americans are not only fat, but disgustingly obese. Maher is not the only person stating the obvious: Dear Fat People by Nicole Arbour. As expected, the response from the “feel good” media has been …

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It’s Not Plastic v Paper that’s the Problem. It’s People

In the opening scenes of the movie “Independence Day”, Jeff Goldblum’s character was furiously taking soda cans out of the general trash and putting them in the recycle bin complaining to no one listening about how pollution was going to destroy our planet. All the while the aliens were on their way to do that …

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You Can’t Plan Spontaneity – Why the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock Failed

I was not all that surprised the 50th anniversary of Woodstock concert was cancelled. The “reunion” failed in 1994 and again in 1999. The HuffPost covered this in “The Day the Music Died” (apologies to Don McClean) In 1969, what is now known as Woodstock, was originally billed as an “Aquarian Expo” (as noted in …

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